What is Educreations?


Educreations is a recordable and exciting interactive app and whiteboard that you can record your voice and  find handwritings,videos and lessons here

How you can use Educreations?


Educreations  can be thought as whiteboard that you can put or draw what you can be used to asses students knowledge and students can create projects through video lessons and handrwritings can be found there.They can reach it via web browser or app from İPad. Students can create their own whiteboard by just adding images from drop-down menu and also it includes resizing images and text.You can share your presentations without limit of slides.

A movie poster and story related to movie can be created by writing and performing inner dialogue of story or writing a song

Also, seeing the steps in the scientific process,creating graphs,comparing animal or undertanding characters in story are other benefits for students .They will explains and remenber and understand subject easily in this way

Engaging students with  video can be provided by:

Capture Your Ideas

Video lessons that students can access can be created with recording voice when you need any time

Share Instantly

Through facebook,twitter,youtube,dropbox or google drive you can share or post  videos

Replay Anytime

you can access any time to control who see what or store them in the cloud when you want.

Teach anything from anywhere

teachers  or students can explain any concepts or share with others easily and instantly

See what students know

teachers can replay students work to provide feedback and celebrate their success

Save time in class

teachers can spend more time with their students for hands on learning


Have you ever heard StudySync?

What is studysync?

StudySync is  a web based curriculum and electronic course room.There can be found modern literary texts that can be includedigital media including broadcast quality video, animation, audio readings, and images,writing, and critical thinking with award-winning lessons that is for Common Core Standards for grades 4 – 12.

How can teachers  use StudySync?

Teachers can integrate the products into their curriculum and lessons can be customized by using StudySync.Lesson plans  can be assigned and made assessment at any time.Also, writing and thinking activities can shape students studies and ıdeas.They can use  across disciplines – for language arts as well as science, social studies, history and other subject areas. Background knowledge, stretch thinking,  different viewpoints and develop understanding can be build  via StudySync.Entertaining movie or audio readings of the poem can maintain engagement and grab their attention

How can students benefit from studysync?

students can engage  deeply and intuitively through multi-media, peer reviews focused on the Common Core Standards and reach  immersive text selections. At the end they will be motivated with highly developed conceptual understanding and a mastery of essential reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Traditional and contemporary texts with dynamic multimedia features support learners at all levels. StudySync library items, writing prompts, and lessons  also help students Common Core Standards,allow easily to assign lessons based on specific standards.

Some features of StudySync:

  • Extensive Digital Library
  • Weekly Writing Practice

  • Online Writing and Peer Review

  • Common Core Assignments & Assessments

  • Award-Winning Multimedia Lessons

  • Flexible Instructional Models


ZAPTİON: Interactive Instruction





Zaption can be thought as an interactive platform for both teachers and students .There can  uploaded videos ,completed with quizzes and occurred discussion. İt is free .Below, you can see  some tools of zaption and you can have an ıdea about it

Zaption may be used for  classroom discussion experiences and it could also be used for creating “flipped lessons”.Besides,  Zaption amplifies a teacher’s ability to utilize video content to meet learning objectives.  multiple choice or free response questions can be used by teachers.İn this way, teachers can track student reponses and also they can evaluate learning efficacy.Furthermore, in this way passive learning can  turn to active learning. Zaption helps learners focus on what is important and  provide deeper understanding .Teachers and students  can uses options of authoring tools and every body can find  online videos quickly from youtube.İn addition private library can be created and texts,images ,discussions  and questions can be put there effecting and engaging video lessons  and they can be shared .Also, it provides detail information and datas of individual or groups.To sum up , zaption can be used for project launches, activities,visual quizzes,scaffolding,literature analysis ,reflective practices, unit review and presentation feedback.

Zaption may be use to engage student in this ways :

  • augmenting face-to-face instruction
  • enhancing blended classes
  • use in flipped classrooms
  • use with online learning
Math Teacher

Teachers will find that students are really engaged — it’s great that they are not just watching videos passively.

Jennifer Lee,Bulldog Tech Middle School


On the other hand, when we look general properties of zaption:

  • Discovering

Find high quality videos on any topic. Browse our gallery for great ready-to-use lessons.

  • Customizing

Add images, text, and questions to any online video, creating interactive lessons that meet your students’ needs.

  • Sharing

Share video lessons with a simple link, or embed directly in your LMS, blog, or website.

  • Tracking

Get actionable data on personal responses from students and groups. Instantly measure understanding and differentiate instruction.






The Flipped Classroom

What is flipped classroom?

Flipped classroom is that traditional teaching methods  turns student center learnind and also  shifting  from passive to active learning. Also ,when you see the pictures you can see images are inverted since instead of teacher base, student base is taken consideration

What are the properties of this classroom?

Flipped classroom is

  •  students take responsibility for their own learning.
  •  teacher is as a guider and not center of learning
  •  students can see  curriculum and lessons  that are always available for review or remediation.
  •  a personalized education can be get
  •  better student teacher interaction can be seen
  •  present  a variety of formats to suit different learner styles and multimodal learning (e.g. text, videos, audio, multimedia)
  • Absent students can catch up easier
  • help students to use technology efficiently
How flipped classroom help students?


in this class, instructions are delivered  online  outside of class or moving the lecture out of class can be said. For example,  students watch   a video lecture at home on their own time.Therfore, activities, problems, workshops and labs can be done in classroom.

İn traditional classroom teachers can not have time to do them.Also , it provides  students with individual attention.Some students can not understan while listening teacher.On the other han some of them can understan.This classroom help students engage in their learning.Also, parents can control what he7she learn in next lesson or what is thought.İt is  especially beneficial for students since they can have knowledge about lesson before thet come classroom.By this way, they can make more practices and they can make their homeworks in classroom.İnstead of memorizing, they can understand better via more practices since they will have time to make practices  or activities

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Booktrack is a new platform for students  and  a free web application that student can reach syncs digital books to audio and  can read stories and texts accompanied by a movie-style soundtrack .

How Booktract classroom help us in education?092a276

Students can use this tool in  different ways.For example, they can read stories, eBooks , poems and other texts that are associated with a ‘movie-style’ soundtrack or booktracts can created by using their own writing or works. Also they can reach book soundtracks with access to over 20,000 high quality music and audio tracks and it is also free  students or teachers do not need to pay money .On the other hand , this technology help students to improve their literacy through technology. İn addition  reading and writing abilities of students can be improved via book tract  with a fun.Furthermore  ,  free lesson plans for students at many levels, covering a variety of subjects and learning outcomes can be constructed .

Using Booktrack, my students bring their reading and writing to life with resounding success!   Kate Baker, 9th grade English teacher, NJquote

Booktrack can be used in a variety of ways to engage with students. Here are just a few examples:

  • Narrative Writing – Students add music and audio to their original stories.
  • Informative and Explanatory Writing – Students compose essays and articles selecting suitable audio to accompany their text.
  • Literature Study – Students gain insight and increased understanding of the text by creating their own soundtracks for novels, stories, and plays they are reading in class.
  • Read-Alouds – Teacher and student led read-alouds are enhanced through the addition of sound and music to the chapter or act being presented.



What is MOOCs ?


it is massive open online course and the aim of it is to provide unlimited participation and open access via is like a distance education.Also, in this online course, videos,readings,problem sets are some of materials.Moocs is also like interactive platform that students,teachers or professors can communicate

Using of moocs  in education ?



İt can provide teaching practices simply when the large amount of student performance data is analyzed or  it can provide guidance on how to structure and sequence.İn other aspect , education can be taken from world’s top universities without paying much money. it is a chance that is given can  improve  universities’ delivery of course materials, and ability to track the effectiveness of different teaching methods.Also , Students can  submit course work done through MOOCs to their own universities and be granted credit or research units. İn addition ,  completed courses  can be used by students as a way to build their qualifications by highlighting their work on resumes, cover letters, and social media.The  properties of Moocs can be summarized as

  • Elevating  appreciation for the profession of teaching
  • Team-based course desig
  • Privileging institutional capacity building over outsourcing
  • Creation of new space for experimentation

“In blended classrooms, the on-campus university course can leverage the power of MOOCs to free up classroom time for interactive collaboration and discussion, testing and problem-solving,” Anant Agarwal, CEO of the nonprofit MOOC provider edX,​ said in an email. At San Jose State University, edX helped create a blended​ electrical engineering course which had higher passing rates than the traditional course, he said.



3D Printing and using in education

What is 3D Printing?

3D-printer3D printing makes three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. and an real object is created from a 3D designThe creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes.

How can it used in education as a educational tool?


While this technology is used, students will gain using of technology well or they will have opportunity tolearn a valuable technology.when we looked other aspects, if students decide to have career in engineering, medical, jewellery or many other sectors, using of this printing can effect their ıdea and they can think these jobs in the future and they will have experience.

Another aspect is that it will increase creavity.generally, students lose their creavities in schools and they just try to memorize so at the end students will learn how to design, how to be creative and how to be innovative in 3D and also as a learning tool it is useful.Also we can summarize 3d printing as design and creativity.İn addition,it can be thought as  interactive class activities

Also this tool create a platform for colloboration since everybody use it and teacher and students should work together to design something.İn this way, they can explore more complex design

students can understand complex concepts via 3d printing sibce it provides 3d visuality and it will help student understand easily.Furthermore,interest of students can increase without just saying

One of example from tokyo , The Japanese economy ministry plans to support the use of 3-D printers in educational institutions with the aim of enabling students to use them as well, according to government sources.

Furthermore,Combine students limitless potential with 3D printing and the result is a powerful combination create powerful learning environments in your school. 3D Printing empowers students to embrace innovative technology and allows them to reach new levels of thinking.

All the pupils who have been involved with the 3D printer so far have been inspired by its possibilities. The opportunity to realise a concept or idea quickly into a 3D product is an incredibly powerful teaching tool.”-  David Jermy, Head of DT, Settlebeck School

İf it is summarized,

1. Engineering design students can print out prototypes

2. Architecture students can print out 3D models of designs

3. History classes can print out historical artifacts for examination

4. Graphic Design students can print out 3D versions of their artwork

5. Geography students can print out topography, demographic, or population maps

6. Cooking students can create molds for food products

7. Automotive students can print out replacement parts or modified examples of existing parts for testing

8. Chemistry students can print out 3D models of molecules

9. Biology students can print out cells, viruses, organs, and other critical biological artifacts

10. Math students can print out “problems” to solve in their own learning spaces, from scale models to city infrastructural design challenges




  Kaymbu  as helper for Teacher and Parents

screenshot-kaymbu-1 (1)


Kaymbu is a  documentation system and it can be used to  capture the essence of student development and also teachers  can connect home and school only  via this webtool. generally techers and parents can not communicate easily so this webtool help both parents and teachers to communicate in a  few second .Besides of sudent development, it can capture classroom activities for internal documentation and  documents that share  with families can be secured.Also, when  student portfolios, assessment are thought,These observations can be used . in normal, teachers spend their time by transferring files from digital cameras, combining them with hand-written notes then printing or sending via emai so when we look at these processes , this tool is the best and teachers can spend their time with their students or activities .İn addition,   participating  together with the student is one of the advantage of Kaymbu.Not only participating but also collaborating  about the student’s work  is another advantage of it ,so parent can control their children during they are in school and parents can feedback from teacher.Also parents and teacher can access this website via  the web or mobile devices.İt provides  teachers with leading- edge technology and aligs  communication tools.İf the properties of this tool is summarized, it is efecctive, simple ,Indispensable,Visceral,Comforting and also Reinforcing. Also there are some ıdeas about kaymbu,one of them is view of a teacher 

I love that I can keep the parents abreast of their children’s education in an efficient and effective manner. Using this app has allowed me to connect with parents and supplement our daily notes with visuals of what the children are doing. The visual photo is a powerful way to demonstrate the importance of the work and development of a young child.

Another  ıdea about kaymbu  is from a parent 

This is a great way to stay connected to our children while at school. It’s hard to leave your child every day, and seeing what they are up to provides a great sense of comfort. Thank you



Using Pinterest in Education

What is Pinterest?


Pinterest can be thought as virtual bulletin board or a social network . Also, you can share and comment on visual material, that  could be photographs, sketches, videos or web pages and also it is free so you dont have to pay money for it.When it thougt as tool, it can hel p us for virtual learning because it bases on virtuals.moreover ,other users can see your board and maybe they can make comment about your  images.

How Pinterest can be used  as educational tool?


İt is a more beneficial tool especially for teachers .Pinterest can be used as a brainstorming tool and  students can contribute to it by sharing videos or images and also their ıdeas  and also it wiil help to create one huge visual.Also , on certain classroom projects or assignments can be put there and student can see it with help of technology.Beside of  videos or images , lesson plans or games can be put there. Making  connections with other teachers and get ideas for future projects are other advantages for teachers. Moreover we can list many advantages  and some them :

Following interesting boards: students can interst in other issues like biology and they can follow them and then maybe they can research about it

Ways to organize your classroom: teacher can organize their classroom in this way and see what student share

 Organize your ideas: Pinterest can help keeping  these ideas organized and easy-to-find when you need them Continue reading


What is Schoology?


it is a website  and it can be considered as platform where students ,teachers and also parents can use through the use of technology.

How  Schoology  can be used ?



Taking  attendance, using  an online grade book, posting  discussion questions, homework, files, links, and other information are some of advantages that schoology provide us , so  by using it teachers can do many things that they want to do in this website. I think it feels like that you are in virtual classroom.İn addition , taking  quizzes and test, uploading  files through online dropbox, participating  in class discussions, staying  organized with a school calendar, downloading and printing  files from home are other advantages of schoology that provide students.both student and teachers can reach very information ,homework and other thins easily without spending much time.On the other hand, parents can observe  their children  and also parents will have a chance whether their children do their homework or not and also they can learn what students learn .Also,   everybody can reach every information with clouding  based storage system .K-12 schools can also used this  website for their sudents.Thanks to schoology  student ,parents and chidren have chance to share their ideas and they can colloborate

İn these videos you can understand what is schoology better