What is Educreations?


Educreations is a recordable and exciting interactive app and whiteboard that you can record your voice and  find handwritings,videos and lessons here

How you can use Educreations?


Educreations  can be thought as whiteboard that you can put or draw what you can be used to asses students knowledge and students can create projects through video lessons and handrwritings can be found there.They can reach it via web browser or app from İPad. Students can create their own whiteboard by just adding images from drop-down menu and also it includes resizing images and text.You can share your presentations without limit of slides.

A movie poster and story related to movie can be created by writing and performing inner dialogue of story or writing a song

Also, seeing the steps in the scientific process,creating graphs,comparing animal or undertanding characters in story are other benefits for students .They will explains and remenber and understand subject easily in this way

Engaging students with  video can be provided by:

Capture Your Ideas

Video lessons that students can access can be created with recording voice when you need any time

Share Instantly

Through facebook,twitter,youtube,dropbox or google drive you can share or post  videos

Replay Anytime

you can access any time to control who see what or store them in the cloud when you want.

Teach anything from anywhere

teachers  or students can explain any concepts or share with others easily and instantly

See what students know

teachers can replay students work to provide feedback and celebrate their success

Save time in class

teachers can spend more time with their students for hands on learning


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