Have you ever heard StudySync?

What is studysync?

StudySync is  a web based curriculum and electronic course room.There can be found modern literary texts that can be includedigital media including broadcast quality video, animation, audio readings, and images,writing, and critical thinking with award-winning lessons that is for Common Core Standards for grades 4 – 12.

How can teachers  use StudySync?

Teachers can integrate the products into their curriculum and lessons can be customized by using StudySync.Lesson plans  can be assigned and made assessment at any time.Also, writing and thinking activities can shape students studies and ıdeas.They can use  across disciplines – for language arts as well as science, social studies, history and other subject areas. Background knowledge, stretch thinking,  different viewpoints and develop understanding can be build  via StudySync.Entertaining movie or audio readings of the poem can maintain engagement and grab their attention

How can students benefit from studysync?

students can engage  deeply and intuitively through multi-media, peer reviews focused on the Common Core Standards and reach  immersive text selections. At the end they will be motivated with highly developed conceptual understanding and a mastery of essential reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Traditional and contemporary texts with dynamic multimedia features support learners at all levels. StudySync library items, writing prompts, and lessons  also help students Common Core Standards,allow easily to assign lessons based on specific standards.

Some features of StudySync:

  • Extensive Digital Library
  • Weekly Writing Practice

  • Online Writing and Peer Review

  • Common Core Assignments & Assessments

  • Award-Winning Multimedia Lessons

  • Flexible Instructional Models



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