ZAPTİON: Interactive Instruction





Zaption can be thought as an interactive platform for both teachers and students .There can  uploaded videos ,completed with quizzes and occurred discussion. İt is free .Below, you can see  some tools of zaption and you can have an ıdea about it

Zaption may be used for  classroom discussion experiences and it could also be used for creating “flipped lessons”.Besides,  Zaption amplifies a teacher’s ability to utilize video content to meet learning objectives.  multiple choice or free response questions can be used by teachers.İn this way, teachers can track student reponses and also they can evaluate learning efficacy.Furthermore, in this way passive learning can  turn to active learning. Zaption helps learners focus on what is important and  provide deeper understanding .Teachers and students  can uses options of authoring tools and every body can find  online videos quickly from youtube.İn addition private library can be created and texts,images ,discussions  and questions can be put there effecting and engaging video lessons  and they can be shared .Also, it provides detail information and datas of individual or groups.To sum up , zaption can be used for project launches, activities,visual quizzes,scaffolding,literature analysis ,reflective practices, unit review and presentation feedback.

Zaption may be use to engage student in this ways :

  • augmenting face-to-face instruction
  • enhancing blended classes
  • use in flipped classrooms
  • use with online learning
Math Teacher

Teachers will find that students are really engaged — it’s great that they are not just watching videos passively.

Jennifer Lee,Bulldog Tech Middle School


On the other hand, when we look general properties of zaption:

  • Discovering

Find high quality videos on any topic. Browse our gallery for great ready-to-use lessons.

  • Customizing

Add images, text, and questions to any online video, creating interactive lessons that meet your students’ needs.

  • Sharing

Share video lessons with a simple link, or embed directly in your LMS, blog, or website.

  • Tracking

Get actionable data on personal responses from students and groups. Instantly measure understanding and differentiate instruction.







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