The Flipped Classroom

What is flipped classroom?

Flipped classroom is that traditional teaching methods  turns student center learnind and also  shifting  from passive to active learning. Also ,when you see the pictures you can see images are inverted since instead of teacher base, student base is taken consideration

What are the properties of this classroom?

Flipped classroom is

  •  students take responsibility for their own learning.
  •  teacher is as a guider and not center of learning
  •  students can see  curriculum and lessons  that are always available for review or remediation.
  •  a personalized education can be get
  •  better student teacher interaction can be seen
  •  present  a variety of formats to suit different learner styles and multimodal learning (e.g. text, videos, audio, multimedia)
  • Absent students can catch up easier
  • help students to use technology efficiently
How flipped classroom help students?


in this class, instructions are delivered  online  outside of class or moving the lecture out of class can be said. For example,  students watch   a video lecture at home on their own time.Therfore, activities, problems, workshops and labs can be done in classroom.

İn traditional classroom teachers can not have time to do them.Also , it provides  students with individual attention.Some students can not understan while listening teacher.On the other han some of them can understan.This classroom help students engage in their learning.Also, parents can control what he7she learn in next lesson or what is thought.İt is  especially beneficial for students since they can have knowledge about lesson before thet come classroom.By this way, they can make more practices and they can make their homeworks in classroom.İnstead of memorizing, they can understand better via more practices since they will have time to make practices  or activities

The flipped classroom describes a reversal of traditional teaching where students gain first exposure to new material outside of class, usually via reading or lecture videos, and then class time is used to do the harder work of assimilating that knowledge through strategies such as problem-solving, discussion or debates. (Vanderbilt University, Center for Teaching).


A classroom thatuses videos/podcastsas instructionaltools to help time-shift the instructionof concepts sostudents receive themost support (teacherand classmatepresence) when theyare working on theheaviest cognitiveload (actually solvingproblems andworking onunderstanding/usingthe content bythemselves).(Crystal Kirch)






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