What is MOOCs ?


it is massive open online course and the aim of it is to provide unlimited participation and open access via is like a distance education.Also, in this online course, videos,readings,problem sets are some of materials.Moocs is also like interactive platform that students,teachers or professors can communicate

Using of moocs  in education ?



İt can provide teaching practices simply when the large amount of student performance data is analyzed or  it can provide guidance on how to structure and sequence.İn other aspect , education can be taken from world’s top universities without paying much money. it is a chance that is given can  improve  universities’ delivery of course materials, and ability to track the effectiveness of different teaching methods.Also , Students can  submit course work done through MOOCs to their own universities and be granted credit or research units. İn addition ,  completed courses  can be used by students as a way to build their qualifications by highlighting their work on resumes, cover letters, and social media.The  properties of Moocs can be summarized as

  • Elevating  appreciation for the profession of teaching
  • Team-based course desig
  • Privileging institutional capacity building over outsourcing
  • Creation of new space for experimentation

“In blended classrooms, the on-campus university course can leverage the power of MOOCs to free up classroom time for interactive collaboration and discussion, testing and problem-solving,” Anant Agarwal, CEO of the nonprofit MOOC provider edX,​ said in an email. At San Jose State University, edX helped create a blended​ electrical engineering course which had higher passing rates than the traditional course, he said.




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