Kaymbu  as helper for Teacher and Parents

screenshot-kaymbu-1 (1)


Kaymbu is a  documentation system and it can be used to  capture the essence of student development and also teachers  can connect home and school only  via this webtool. generally techers and parents can not communicate easily so this webtool help both parents and teachers to communicate in a  few second .Besides of sudent development, it can capture classroom activities for internal documentation and  documents that share  with families can be secured.Also, when  student portfolios, assessment are thought,These observations can be used . in normal, teachers spend their time by transferring files from digital cameras, combining them with hand-written notes then printing or sending via emai so when we look at these processes , this tool is the best and teachers can spend their time with their students or activities .İn addition,   participating  together with the student is one of the advantage of Kaymbu.Not only participating but also collaborating  about the student’s work  is another advantage of it ,so parent can control their children during they are in school and parents can feedback from teacher.Also parents and teacher can access this website via  the web or mobile devices.İt provides  teachers with leading- edge technology and aligs  communication tools.İf the properties of this tool is summarized, it is efecctive, simple ,Indispensable,Visceral,Comforting and also Reinforcing. Also there are some ıdeas about kaymbu,one of them is view of a teacher 

I love that I can keep the parents abreast of their children’s education in an efficient and effective manner. Using this app has allowed me to connect with parents and supplement our daily notes with visuals of what the children are doing. The visual photo is a powerful way to demonstrate the importance of the work and development of a young child.

Another  ıdea about kaymbu  is from a parent 

This is a great way to stay connected to our children while at school. It’s hard to leave your child every day, and seeing what they are up to provides a great sense of comfort. Thank you




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