Using Pinterest in Education

What is Pinterest?


Pinterest can be thought as virtual bulletin board or a social network . Also, you can share and comment on visual material, that  could be photographs, sketches, videos or web pages and also it is free so you dont have to pay money for it.When it thougt as tool, it can hel p us for virtual learning because it bases on virtuals.moreover ,other users can see your board and maybe they can make comment about your  images.

How Pinterest can be used  as educational tool?


İt is a more beneficial tool especially for teachers .Pinterest can be used as a brainstorming tool and  students can contribute to it by sharing videos or images and also their ıdeas  and also it wiil help to create one huge visual.Also , on certain classroom projects or assignments can be put there and student can see it with help of technology.Beside of  videos or images , lesson plans or games can be put there. Making  connections with other teachers and get ideas for future projects are other advantages for teachers. Moreover we can list many advantages  and some them :

Following interesting boards: students can interst in other issues like biology and they can follow them and then maybe they can research about it

Ways to organize your classroom: teacher can organize their classroom in this way and see what student share

 Organize your ideas: Pinterest can help keeping  these ideas organized and easy-to-find when you need them

Collaborate with other teachers using Pinterest
Pinterest boards can be a great way to collaborate with other teachers. You can share ideas, resources, videos, news articles, infographics and images. You don’t have to be working in the same school, or even the same country, to be able to work on the same collection of resources.

Share resources with students
Pinterest boards can be used to provide a structured list of resources for students writing about a certain topic. Instructing your students to research on the web can lead them to distraction. The web is too wide and there are many unreliable sources. Sometimes it would be good to restrict what you want them to look at: you can create a board with all the information they need so they can concentrate on writing, rather than searching through masses of information.

Using Pinterest for group work
Students can work together on a group project, putting together a board of ideas and resources, working independently and pinning ideas onto the board to create a group collage. The teacher can then visit the board, leaving comments and feedback on the resources put together.

  • in these  videos  you will see what is  Pinterest

  • Pinterest in Education: in below videos  you can see how it is used as educational tool



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