What is Schoology?


it is a website  and it can be considered as platform where students ,teachers and also parents can use through the use of technology.

How  Schoology  can be used ?



Taking  attendance, using  an online grade book, posting  discussion questions, homework, files, links, and other information are some of advantages that schoology provide us , so  by using it teachers can do many things that they want to do in this website. I think it feels like that you are in virtual classroom.İn addition , taking  quizzes and test, uploading  files through online dropbox, participating  in class discussions, staying  organized with a school calendar, downloading and printing  files from home are other advantages of schoology that provide students.both student and teachers can reach very information ,homework and other thins easily without spending much time.On the other hand, parents can observe  their children  and also parents will have a chance whether their children do their homework or not and also they can learn what students learn .Also,   everybody can reach every information with clouding  based storage system .K-12 schools can also used this  website for their sudents.Thanks to schoology  student ,parents and chidren have chance to share their ideas and they can colloborate

İn these videos you can understand what is schoology better



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