in these days , presentations are an important source for especially education since it provides visual images and conceptual maps and graphics .By using them,student can understand easily and they help students to capture informations quicly without memorize and also their interest toward lesson will increase.therefore,when we look around , prezi is one of the best tool which provide many opportunities to students
Prezi provides alike powerpoint presentations and it is different from common presentations since it is online and supplies flash-based presentation and also you can share similar functionalities withMicrosoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynotes programs. when prezi is thought as a visual learning tool, you can create maps of texts, images, videos, graphics, etc… and also present them in a nonlinear way. some unique elements of it allow you to use and make presentation easily and in a short way since these elements help you to arrive faster.Also ,Prezi allow you to focus detail and see big picture.One reason is why prezi is different from others that concepts are interconnected because it provides graphic organiser or a mind map
Prezi is not thought used in other areas we can use it in education .Both student and teacher can use it.I listed some reasons why we use it:
• Import pictures, maps and PDFs can be used and they will provide visual impact like canvas
• their creavity can increase via prezi navigations
• they can observe connections of ideas and visualise concepts
• when prezi is thought tool for interactive classroom sessions or group projects ,students can cooperate and shared virtual whiteboard
According to Cheryl Luzet , Prezi takes your students on a guided tour of your subject matter, letting them hold a magnifying glass to the key elements in order to understand them more fully and zoom out to see how the whole concept fits together from beginning to end. Thanks to its super-interactivity, Prezi is a tool that they’ll love using and which will ensure that when you choose the right visual imagery, the message you want to convey will be a memorable one.
in below video , you will see how teacher can use prezi for education

also, in below video , you can find an example of prezi presentation



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